Meet Alyssa


Hello, my name is Alyssa McGrew.


I like to say I grew up a nomad.  That's not strictly true, but I did live in 17 houses in my first 17 years.  I call central Illinois the home of my childhood, but when I met my handsome dude and married in 2004, I moved to central Indiana, followed by Bulgaria and Texas (see what I mean?).

I spent 3+ years living in Bulgaria, and Eastern Europe will always be dear to my heart.

My hobbies include scrapbooking, reading, blogging, cooking, and any snatches of peace and quiet I can find.   I drink coffee every morning without fail. I'm generally sarcastic, have a twisted sense of humor, and love my family more then life.  

I hope you find inspiration here! .

Thanks for stopping by.